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Dear Suncadia Owners and Park Guests,

The Dawson Park Recreation Cabin will be open weekends from late May through late September and daily from Fathers Day weekend to Labor Day.  Certain designated areas of Dawson Park may be reserved in advance.  To reserve please see the Application for more details.  SCC Event Application 2023

Please follow the rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all park users:

Consumption of alcohol, use of charcoal or wood barbecues, and operation of drones, remote control airplanes and model rockets are prohibited.

Please supervise your young child when at the playgrounds.  Play equipment must be used as intended for their safety.

Dogs must be connected to their owner via a leash unless they are in the dog park enclosure and dog waste must be picked up and disposed of  wherever ‘it” happens in the parks and pathways.

The disc golf course is built on steep and natural wooded terrain.  Please use sturdy footwear and be alert for wasp activity during warmer months.

Thank you,

Suncadia Community Associations