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Welcome to the Suncadia Community

In the owner welcome letter and throughout this website, you will find information that we hope you will find helpful as you settle into the community.  Each new owner will also receive a Welcome Packet with decals for vehicles.  Assessment details will be sent electronically to all Owners to the email address(es) you use for registering and accessing the FrontSteps interface to the TOPS One Owner Accounting system or the new ComWeb Portal (recommended) below …

Community Associations Team Detailed Contact List
How to Connect with others in the Community
Suncadia Rules and Community Guidelines
COMWEB Advanced Owner Portal Registration
2023 Boards of Directors
Board Resolutions for all Associations
Local Service Providers
Purchase “Ready Resale” Condo Certificates
2022 Annual Owner Meeting HOA and Developer Presentations
Link to Suncadia Club Membership Website
Link to Suncadia Rental Property Management


Notices to Owners

Upcoming Board Meetings


TCVA Cabins Special Assessment Ratification – Notice of Meeting

Wednesday June 7, 2023- 10:00 am

Agenda Pending – Notice and TEAMS Login


Lodge Master Condominium (LMCA) – Special Open Board Meeting

Friday June 9, 2023, 12:00 noon

Agenda and TEAMS Login


Unit Owners at Trailhead Condominium (UOATC) Special Assessment Ratification

Wednesday June 14, 2023 – 4:00 pm

Notice and TEAMS Login



Road Projects

Suncadia Sealcoat Information – Goldenrod, Birch, Spirea

Suncadia Sealcoat Information – Rocking Chair

        Rocking Chair Map

Suncadia Sealcoat Information – Cake Box & Sweet Shop

        Cake Box Map       Sweet Shop Map

2023 Operating Budgets and Assessments


2013 – 2023 Assessment History & Comparisons

2023 Assessment Summaries for SROA, TCVA, LRCA and Trailhead I & II Condominiums and Trailhead Towhomes

SROA / SCC and SROA Villages & Neighborhoods

SROA and All Villages / Neighborhood Detailed Budgets

SROA Reserve Study 30- Year Cash Flow

SCC Detailed Budget

Tumble Creek Village Association & Cabins

TCVA Budget History & Comparisons

TCVA Detailed Budget Spreadsheet

TCVA Reserve Study 30 – Year Cash Flow

TC Cabins Reserve Study 30 – Year Cash Flow

Lodge Master and Residential Condominium Associations

LMCA Budget Spreadsheet

LRCA Budget Spreadsheet

LRCA Assessment Comparisons 2017-2023

LRCA Reserve Study 30 – Year Cash Flow

LMCA Reserve Study 30 – Year Cash Flow

Trailhead Condominiums (I and II)

UOATC (TH1) Budget Spreadsheet

Trailhead I Condominium Reserve Study 30 – Year Cash Flow

Trailhead Condominium II (TH2) Startup Budget Spreadsheet

Trailhead Townhomes Community Association
Trailhead Townhomes (TH3) Budget Spreadsheet

Safety & Security Community Assessment Report 


Online payments and account access

NEW ADVANCED OWNER PORTAL REGISTRATION (01-2022):   This portal runs alongside the FrontSteps portal, but will allow owners with multiple properties in Suncadia or Tumble Creek, or those condo owners who have HOA accounts for SROA and their Condo Association, to see all your accounts in one place, using the same user login email and password.

Please use this link to register your SROA accounts and then register any additional accounts you may have (some single family homeowners in Suncadia will only have one SROA account) using your same email address and password.

The system sends you a confirmation email after each registration and you will log in to each new account the first time using the link emailed to you. Then Log out, register your next account(s) and use the new email link to log in to the next account (if you have multiple accounts) using the same email address username and password.

Should you have any other questions, please email [email protected] and we will be glad to assist you.


The Community Associations Team




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