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Snow Removal Information for Owners

Snow removal on Suncadia and Tumble Creek roads is performed by a highly-experienced vendor and crew of equipment operators.  A typical effort involves three truck-mounted snow plows and three road graders, as well as several other pieces of specialized equipment.  During and after a heavy snow event, the crew will work for 12 hours and then return the next day after taking a mandatory rest break.  The initial 12-hour effort is usually sufficient to make every road in the resort passable, if sometimes narrow.  Work on succeeding days if often aimed at widening roadways, improving visibility at intersections, and removing slush.

Owners in several neighborhoods pay extra assessments for snow removal of parking areas and walkways.  These include Prospector’s Reach, Miner’s Camp, Talisman Village, and the Tumble Creek Cabins.  This is done by different vendors so the work can occur simultaneously with the snow removal being performed on roadways.

Owners of custom homes in Suncadia and Tumble Creek are responsible for snow removal from their own driveways and walkways, as well as berms left by roadway snow removal.  Whereas some owners choose to perform these duties themselves, many arrange ahead of time with a vendor to do this work.  This is particularly advisable if the property will be unoccupied, as snow left in place for long may turn to ice and become very difficult to remove.  It is often very difficult to schedule snow removal at the last moment, so making arrangements with a vendor ahead of time is a good idea.


Snow removal on Suncadia roads presents a unique set of challenges and differs significantly from snow removal on highways and large cities.  We have a limited pool of heavy-equipment operators and we need them to be alert and well-rested.  Most work is performed between 4 am and 4 pm. Evening work is usually limited to snow removal and sanding of main roads.

The design of our roads and the presence of cul-de-sacs make the use of “snow gates” on the road graders impractical.  Berms are the subject of owner complaints every winter.  However, removal of berms from our many hundreds of driveways would be unlikely to be completed quickly enough for most, and the cost would be an unfair burden on the owners of unimproved lots.  It is both more practical and equitable for homeowners to take responsibility for removing berms.

What You Can Do To Help

  • Do not leave vehicles parked on the street during snow removal operations.
  • Keep a close eye on children and pets. Snow-covered roads are no place for snow play.
  • Drive carefully and make sure your vehicles are equipped with all-season or winter tires.
  • Avoid throwing snow into the street or piling it on a neighboring property.