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  • Dawson Park Dog Park Rules
    • Dogs may be off-leash in areas designated as such but must be under verbal control of
      the dog owner or caretaker at all times.
    • Dog owners or caretakers must pick up after their pet(s) – plastic bags are provided for
      your convenience – dispose of the bag in the garbage can or carry it out of the park.
    • If your dog bites, injures or attacks another person or animal or if your dog places a
      person in fear of being bit or injured, the dog must be placed on a leash and be
      removed from the dog park.
    • It is the responsibility of any owner or caretaker of any dog involved in an attack or
      biting incident to:
      a. Offer assistance to the person attacked or bitten
      b. Provide the injured person with your name and telephone number
      c. Provide the injured person with the dog license number and/or rabies
      vaccination number.
      d. If serious injuries are involved, report the incident to emergency responders
      (Call 9-1- 1)- remain at the scene – provide identification to responders