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Dark Skies


The Design Review Committee has a new, ever-evolving, non-exhaustive catalog of lighting fixtures that are in compliance with the International Dark Sky Zone E1 Standards.  These fixtures are approved for use in Suncadia.  This catalog is intended to help you with your selection of fixtures. Some of these fixtures will require a shield in order to comply with the requirements. Please confirm with your lighting professional that the fixtures that you have chosen will comply with the highest standards of the International Dark Sky Zone E1 Standards. Please note, Suncadia does not endorse any lighting brand or company.



In accordance with certain conditions of Suncadia’s development approval, all Homesites are to comply with the International Dark Sky Association’s (IDSA) lighting requirements for communities within Zone E1.  These standards are specified in the IDSA’s Outdoor Lighting Code Handbook, Version 1.14, December 2000 / September 2002 and are listed below.  These lighting standards, along with those listed in Section 2.17 – Exterior Lighting, Design Guidelines, are to be implemented in order to assure the quality of the nighttime dark sky at Suncadia is preserved.

  • Total outdoor light output is not to exceed 10,000 Lumens (lm) per acre or 5,500 lm per residence, whichever is greater.
  • All fixtures must be fully shielded such that the source of light is not directly visible and may not be directed more than 45 degrees above the horizontal.
  • No direct light source may be visible from off the Homesite.

Example of 5,500 lumen limitation:  

Two (2) 60-watt (GE Code #60A19) lamps = 1,170 lm
Six (6) 50-2watt halogen (GE Code #50PAR/H/FL25) par floods = 3,540 lm
Total = 5,250 lm

For a full-acre lot, slightly less than two times this configuration of lamps could be used (assuming similar lamp types) without exceeding the maximum allowable lumens.

Learn more about the International Dark Sky Association at their Website.