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– Screen all skylights and solar panels, to the greatest extent possible, from off-site views.
– Screened satellite dishes from off-site views.

In order to preserve the nighttime quality of darkness, skylights are to be minimized.  Dormer and clearstory designs are good alternatives for introducing light into interior areas.

Where used, skylights are to comply with the following standards:
– Glass is to be grey- tinted, flat and non-reflective.  Domed and/or bubble skylights will not be approved.
– Interior lights may not be pointed upwards or directly emitted through skylights.
– Skylights are to the greatest extent possible not to be located in areas visible off-site.
– Flashing and frames are to match roof colors.  Skylights shafts and/or visible ceilings are to likewise match the
color of the roof.

  •   Solar panels, satellite dishes, and antennas are to be integrally designed into the roof structure and located so as to the greatest extent possible to be visually shielded off-site.
  • Satellite dishes are not to exceed 24 inches in diameter and must be painted to blend with surrounding surfaces.