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A Homesite Diagram ( labeled Plot Plan) has been prepared for each homesite. This diagram graphically describes the particular Homesite and indicates important design parameters such as building setbacks ( front, side, and rear) that define the Improvement Envelope and Natural Area; golf, trail drainage, and utility easements.  The Homesite Diagram provided with each Homesite Diagram provided with each Homesite provides additional design criteria for each Homesite, including maximum Building Square Footage and maximum Building Coverage.

Homesites are designated on the Suncadia Resort Final Plat, as approved by Kittitas County. Homesite Diagrams are available at the Sales Office and are provided at the time of closing on the property.  Improvement Envelope locations are determined based on the specific characteristics of each Homesite, zoning setback criteria, golf course requirements, and other relevant factors to achieve the planning and design objectives for Suncadia. Specifically, those objectives are to:

– Minimize Grading
– Maximize Privacy
– Minimize visibility of Improvements from Common Areas, golf course corridors and other resort amenities
– Minimize disruption of natural drainage patterns and contain runoff from impervious surfaces within each
– Protect, extend and maintain the dense natural forest canopy throughout the community
– Respect golf easement corridors
– Protect and enhance the distinctive natural landform, wildlife, and vegetation
– Preserve the dominance of the natural setting by siting buildings to blend with the site.

The Improvement Envelope:
The Improvement Envelope (established by front, rear and side setbacks as indicated on the Homesite Diagram)  is the area where all Improvements may take place, including all buildings, eaves and overhangs, terraces, pools, auto courts and/or garages, with the exception of some landscape planting, driveways, and associated walls.  This area is the least restricted in terms of the type of vegetation that may be planted.

Natural Area
This area of the Homesite is to remain essentially natural, heavily forested state to create natural screens that obscure built Improvements from the neighboring Homesites, streets, the golf course and/or other Common/Areas.

The Natural Area is to essentially remain as “softscape” without any building or other hardscape elements, such as terraces, pools, spas, fences, autocourts and /or landscaping structures.  Subject to DRC approval, limited areas of pervious hardscape may be approved within the Natural Area provided they transition naturally to finish grade.  If the area is judged by the DRC to be significant, in excess of 100 s.f., adjustment is to be made in legal description of the Improvement Envelope to assure there is no net loss of open space. Subject to prior DRC approval, limited tree thinning and/ or pruning may be done to open up selective views. Planting in this area are encouraged as appropriate and are to be indigenous species as described in the Approved Plant List ( Appendix B). Driveways that cross the Natural Area may be a maximum of 12 feet wide other than street aprons. Any disturbance or damage within the Natural Area is to be mitigated and the area restored to its natural state to the satisfaction of the DRC.

Owners of Homesite overlooking the Cle Elum River and /or adjacent to the golf course are to pay special attention to ensure that visibility of built Improvements is filtered from off-site view.