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– Minimize the visibility of parking areas
– Accommodate all parking needs within the Improvement Envelope


  • All Homesites are to provide a minimum of two enclosed parking spaces and two guest parking spaces which can be on the apron in front of the garage. Enclosed parking spaces shall be adequate to handle the parking needs of the Owners and their Families.  Guest parking spaces are to be screened by a combination of plantings.
  • To help break up the Masses, side-loading garages are strongly encouraged.  Detached garages are to be sited and located to minimize visibility from off-site.  Detached garages are to be considered where conditions warrant.
  • Garages, particularly garage doors, are to be sited and located to minimize visibility from off-site.  Three car garages may not face the street. At the DRC’s discretion, one-and two-car garages with doors facing the street may be approved, if site conditions warrant the deviation.
  • Snowmobiles, recreational vehicles, small trailers, dirt bikes and other vehicles designed primarily for off-road use are to be parked in enclosed garages.
  • Large capacity trucks, motor homes, commercial vehicles, large trailers and similar vehicles that cannot fit through a standard single bay garage door (maximum size 9 feet wide by 9 feet tall) may not be kept at any homesite except for loading and unloading as may be allowed by Association policies.
  • Garages are to incorporate planting designs that screen garage doors from off-site views.
  • Parking may not occur on streets unless otherwise permitted by the Suncadia Resort Community Council during special events.
  • Garage windows and lighting design is to comply with those Guidelines listed in Section 2.17-” Exterior Lighting”