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– Foundations and finish grading in Suncadia must be designed such that the home appears to be intergraded into the


  • Foundation walls that are above grade by more than 6 inches must be clad in stone or other suitable finish material.  Faux stone is prohibited unless special exception is granted by the DRC.  If a faux stone is proposed by the Owner, The DRC may require an on-site mock-up of the proposed stone to ensure that both the material and the application appear to be real stone.
  • On sloping sites, foundations must be stepped with the contours to avoid high retaining walls.  Retaining walls that are in excess of 4 feet in height are generally prohibited unless the DRC determines the use appropriate for an extraordinary circumstance.
  • Foundation vents are to be located and/or screened from off-site views.  When foundation walls are stone, vents are to be constructed of stone grids or ornamental metal.  Foam or Styrofoam vents and plugs are not allowed.  Recessed operable vents are to be painted to match the surrounding materials to reduce visibility.