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– Chimneys are important elements in the overall formal composition of homes at Suncadia.  They are required to
be expressed as if they are serving a wood-burning fireplace in scale and height.


  • Chimneys are to be finished with native stone or authentic-looking faux stone.  Metal stove pipes or clad flues may be considered where appropriate to the style of the Residence.
  • When adjacent to an exterior wall, the chimney must start below grade, be offset from the exterior wall a minimum of one foot and be of sufficient height to serve a wood-burning fireplace, even though wood-burning devices are not permitted.  If necessary to meet this requirement, the chimney may exceed the height of the highest ridge by as much as three feet.

Subjective requirements:

Chimneys must appear to be sufficient scale to be self-bearing.

  • Whenever possible, rooftop equipment, plumbing vents, and large vents are to be grouped and concealed in chimney-like structures that are an integral part of the roof and/ or wall designs.
  • Air conditioning and heating equipment may not be mounted on roofs.
  • All visible metals are to be painted or finished to blend with approved colors and minimize reflectivity.
  • Tower and turret elements are, generally,  prohibited.  The DRC does, however, have the capacity to make exceptions for tower elements that, in its judgment, are in keeping with the spirit of the Guidelines.