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– Minimize the visual impacts of Residences so that they blend with the forest landscape
– Keep roof  heights below the tree company

Building Height Measurement:
Homes at Suncadia are required to be composed of multiple, attached or detached columns that move up and down with the Topography.  Therefore, the Maximum Building Height is determined at multiple points on each home on a volume basis.  It is determined by measuring from the center of the perimeter of the building volume in question at either the original or finished grade- Whichever is more restrictive- to the ridge of the highest roof of that volume. The DRC will make the final determination of what constitutes the delineation between volumes.

The Maximum Height for individual homes is limited as follows:

– Single Story Volumes: 24 Feet
– Two Story Volumes 34 feet

Building Height Guidelines:
Building Height, in general, is not to exceed 24 feet at first story roofs and 34 feet at second-story roofs.  Second Story elements are to be either contained within the roof structure by utilizing dormers and/or gables or similar roof designs.  Alternatively, in cases where the topography slopes away, a lower level may be proposed below the main level.  The additional living, whether placed above or below the main level, is not to exceed 60% of the total Building Coverage.  Portions of the basement where the main floor above is not greater than four (4) feet above existing or finished grade (whichever is lower)will not be in the 60% calculation.

Walls on downsloping elevations are to be carefully studied to avoid large expanses of flat or unarticulated wall. Wall planes are to be offset and or have a change in building materials in order to minimize perceived wall heights.