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Suncadia Announces New Provider of Telephone, Television & Internet Services

Suncadia is pleased to announce that Atlas Networks of Seattle will be Suncadia’s new provider of triple play services (phone, internet and television) over the fiber network. Atlas will offer high speed internet, telephone services and high definition digital television, priced in bundled packages or a la carte.


Reduced Cost for New Home Connectivity: The one-time cost to connect new homes to the fiber system will be $995 for equipment, materials and labor, compared to previous fee that was approximately $3,000.

Television Channel Lineup: Atlas has graciously proposed that the selection of the final TV channel lineup will be made with input from the Suncadia owners’ advisory committees to ensure it best fits our owners’ desires. Suncadia has advised Atlas of strong interest in carrying at least one Seattle station and Fox Sports NW. In addition, Atlas will carry several community channels for use by the Community Associations and the Resort which will only be available over this system.

Telephone: Telephone services will be high quality VOIP (voice over internet protocol.) This service can support either sophisticated IP digital phone sets or standard phone handsets.

Enhanced Internet Connectivity: Atlas is upgrading the supporting communications links to the Network Operating Center. This upgrade will dramatically increase the bandwidth of the system, the performance of internet connections, and will support a wide range of exciting new services and products. Atlas will offer several high bandwidth options for your internet connection. These will become available soon after the upgraded connections to the NOC are completed.

Atlas has created a website,, specifically to provide Suncadia owners detailed information about their services and pricing. You can also contact Atlas directly at the following:


Phone: 206-210-5450

Email: [email protected]

Mailing address: Atlas Networks, LLC, 600 Stewart St., Suite 1400, Seattle, WA 98101


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