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Draw from the region’s architectural traditions to create building designs that reflect Suncadia’s unique environment and meet the needs of today’s lifestyles. Architectural design throughout the Pacific Northwest is reflective of the local climate and utilizes locally available building materials.  Residences are to relate in form and style to the signature building located within the resort core in order to create a unified design vernacular throughout the community.

Buildings should evoke the natural, outdoor lifestyle of the region. Buildings are to be designed to “celebrate” nature, both by bringing the outdoors in through ample amounts of glazing and by extending indoor living spaces to the outside with “outdoor living rooms” at decks, terraces, and other exterior areas.

Buildings should be set into the landscape and respond to the surrounding forest, climate, and landforms. All buildings are to be designed to take advantage of existing trees, rock outcroppings and landforms, by integrating the Improvements and landscape elements into the site.  Buildings are to step with the natural topography to create a sense of “growing” out of, rather than being forced onto, the land.

Use of heavy wooden members in lieu of exposed lightweight framing members, brackets and trim. The use of stone should rely on larger scale stones in a dry-set style to anchor foundations and column bases to the terrain.

Incorporate energy conserving measures in design. Size and orientation of windows and doors should be designed to take advantage of sun, shade and wind conditions to minimize reliance on mechanical heating and cooling systems.