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The Design Review Process

We are excited to work with you as you create the home of your dreams. The Design Review Committee exists to ensure that the community you’re investing in maintains the excellent standards we are known for.

We want the design and building process to be simple, efficient, and frankly, fun! We’ve outlined the steps involving the DRC throughout your build in this brochure. Please take some time to review this and know that the Design Review Committee is here for you every step of the way.

• Pre-Design Conference
• Preliminary Design Submittal
• Final Design & Color Board Submittal
• Letter issued from the DRC for County Permitting
• Pre-Construction Meeting
• On-Site Mock Up Observation
• Final Inspection & Deposit Returned


Step By Step


1. Pre-Design Conference

After you’ve hired an architect, schedule this mandatory orientation with the DRC. We’ll cover questions about the Design Guidelines and owning a home in Suncadia. This meeting should take place before you’ve made any significant investment into home design. Your architect is required to attend.

Optional: Conceptual Plan Review If your architect is new to Suncadia, feel free to submit a conceptual plan that we can pass to the Design Committee members for feedback.

2. Preliminary Design Submittal

The architect will provide a complete Preliminary Plan for review. Review takes around 3-4 weeks depending on the number of plans we are processing. You will also submit your design review fee at this time.

3. Preliminary Design Review

3-4 weeks after submission, we will provide your architect with a summary of feedback from the committee members.

4. Final Design & Color Board Submittal

The architect will make revisions per Committee feedback and submit the Final Plans. Physical color boards need to be submitted to the DRC with Final Plans. 

5. Final Design Review & Color Board Approval

Once again, our committee will review and provide any final feedback. You will also receive feedback for your selected exterior colors.

6. County Letter issued from DRC

Once your plans are approved, the DRC will send you a letter that your builder will take to the County, declaring the DRC has approved your plans and intention to begin building.

7. Permitting from county

Your builder will apply for permitting through Kittitas County. Be sure to ask about the expedited foundation-only permit.

8. Pre-construction meeting

When you have your permit and are ready to break ground, we’ll meet again to walk the site and make sure everyone is on the same page about tree removal, staking and construction monitoring. Your Compliance Deposit is due along with a solid waste fee and a Compliance Monitoring Fee.

9. Foundation Inspection

Once the foundation is in, the surveyor will come out to inspect the foundation and issue an official letter stating the foundation is placed in the correct place.

10. On-Site Mock Up Observation

During the framing stage, the builder will contact Megan ([email protected]) to review your approved colors on site. This is an important and mandatory step. Once approved, the DRC will issue your final letter of Exterior material approval.

11. Final Inspection & Deposit Returned

Once your builder has completed your home and landscaping is in place, the DRC will do a Final Inspection on your home to ensure everything is finished and in compliance. When everything is complete, the DRC will return your Compliance Deposit and issue a sign off letter for your records.

If, in the event you are facing winter and everything is complete except for Landscaping, we may opt to issue a partial deposit for the home and do a second Final Inspection in the spring when Landscaping is complete.



Sometimes homeowners change their mind on small design aspects throughout the building process. No problem! Work with your architect and/or builder to formalize these changes and submit for re-review.

When in doubt – ask! Before making any changes to landscaping, exterior colors and materials, or parking exteriors, ask the DRC! It’s better to be safe!