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– Create buildings that appear structurally consistent with traditional construction methods of the Northwest
– All elements of a home in Suncadia must appear to be either self-supporting or supported by appropriately scaled structural elements and systems. CAntilevered or suspended masses are generally prohibited unless their structural systems are clearly expressed.


  • Roof structural systems are to be carried out to the exterior of the building, exposed beams, purlins, and rafters whenever possible.
  • Foundations and lower levels are to expressed greater mass and structural strength than the main floor
  • Stone walls are to have a hand-crafted, structural appearance rather than a veneered look.  They are to incorporate a mix of sizes and shapes with larger stones predominantly at lower levels.  In order to realistically simulate a structural function, stone walls are to terminate in concrete sills or heavy horizontal beams, return around building corners and step down to grade.  Unsupported, non-keyed horizontal spans over openings or doors are not allowed.  Natural bedding planes are to be laid horizontally while horizontal and vertical joints are frequently interrupted.
  • Window and /or door headers are to be wider than the opening they span and appropriately scaled for the load they bear.
  • All exposed horizontal structural elements are to appear to be clearly supported by adequately-sized vertical elements, either freestanding or expressed within building walls and carried through to the foundation.  Trusses or transfer beams are to be used where vertical elements cannot be positioned directly beneath horizontal elements.