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Preserve, protect, and enhance the existing forest and natural environment around Suncadia. Houses are to be sited so that they minimize tree removal and preserve the integrity of the surrounding forested landscape by maintaining a natural buffer between the house and street, neighboring Homesites, Common Areas, the golf course and any other Privately Owned Amenity. Tree removal is to be kept to the minimum necessary to accommodate the home and selectively open up views while ensuring that off-site views are being protected. Landscape design is to encourage and promote water conservation.

Incorporate unique solutions that are responsive and subordinate to the specific Homesite’s topography, climate, and environment. Buildings are to be sited to minimize grading and maintain a low, subordinate profile against the backdrop of the surrounding forests.  Outdoor areas are to be designed to take advantage of sunlight, provide wind protection and capture views.

Design courtyards, decks and outdoor spaces to emphasize the outdoor-oriented lifestyle of the Northwest.
Landscape design is to blend the architecture with the natural environment. Natural/existing landscape features such as rock outcroppings, vegetation and topography are to be incorporated into landscape designs to help achieve the transition between the built and natural environments.

Use natural and indigenous building materials for landscape structures, site walls, and outdoor areas.  Wood and stone building materials that complement both the architecture and the natural environment are to be incorporated into landscape designs.

Contain stormwater and snowmelt within the Homesite and encourage natural infiltration on site.  Landscape and drainage design is to retain all stormwater, snowmelt, and water from roofs and other impervious surfaces on-site.