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-Minimize the use and height of retaining walls
-Blend retaining walls with the natural topography

To the extent feasible, graded slopes are to be used rather than retaining walls.  When retaining walls are necessary, the following guidelines apply:

  • All retaining walls which are visible from off-site are to be built of natural or cut stone laid so as to appear structural and not veneered.
  • The tops of walls are to be shaped to blend with natural contours. Ends of walls are not to end abruptly but are to create natural-looking transitions with existing landforms and vegetation.
  • Retaining walls are not to exceed 4 feet in height.  Where grade changes exceed 4 feet, stepped-back or terraced wall structures with ample planting terraces ( 4-foot minimum width) are to be used. Higher walls may be considered only if they are not visible from off-site, and if doing so significantly reduces overall impacts to the site and/or adjacent land.
  • Retaining walls are not to be built within 5 feet of property lines with the exception of those requested for driveway access.
  • Walls exceeding 2 feet in height are to be designed with a minimum of 2:12 batter.
  • Shrubs and vines are to be planted at the base and top of walls to blend them with the site.