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– Screen service area and utility boxes from off-site views
– Contain noise and/or odors from trash and equipment storage areas


  • All site utilities within the Homesite are to be installed underground.  Utility boxes are to be  located so that they are accessible to service personnel.  All utility boxes are to be visually screened as effectively as possible with DRC approved planting and/or architectural devices. While still meeting utility company accessibility requirements.
  • Trash disposal areas, outdoor work areas, and outside equipment storage areas are to be completely screened from off-site views by the use of architectural features and/or plant materials.  Where feasible, these areas are to be integrated into the residence.
  • Trash container storage areas are to be animal proof, easily accessible to service personnel and designed to contain odors.
  • Pool, spa equipment, heating equipment, and air conditioning units are to be located behind walls or in underground vaults to contain noise.  Mitigation such as a solid noise-absorbing covers or other remedies may be required for equipment after installation if the equipment is audible from adjacent properties.
  • Antennas visible from off-site are not allowed, except as mandated by Federal Communications Regulations, as they may change periodically.  Antennas permitted under this requirement are to be the smallest possible to receive the signal, placed in the least conspicuous location, screened as fully as possible and painted to match the adjacent color of the residence.
  • Temporary propane tanks may be necessary prior to natural gas service being provided to the Suncadia Homesites. Propane tanks are to be located within the Improvement Envelope unless a variance is approved by the DRC.  All propane tanks are to be visually screened as effectively as possible with DRC approved planting and/or architectural devices, while still maintaining utility company accessibility requirements and require clearances to structures and planting.  One 500 gallon propane tank is allowed per site. Tank color shall be standard green or brown as provided by the utility provider. No visible advertising or graphic designs are permitted on the tank.  Tanks shall be placed on removable concrete block pads.