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Details at eaves, openings, chimneys, joints and other applications of materials are to express continuity with the indigenous, traditional wood, stone and metal construction of the eastern cascades.  Highly ornate details such as victorian-style ” Gingerbread” are not appropriate.

On the other hand, all homes in Suncadia will be required by the DRC to have a minimum level of craftsmanship, detail, and ornamentation as consistent with the illustrations within these guidelines.  The DRC has a wide range of latitude to interpret what constitutes either too little or too much detail and ornamentation.  Elements to be used include exposed trusses, decorative vents, crafted window, and door trim, exposed rafter tails, kickers, brackets, fenestration and mullion patterns, exterior siding patterns, decorative garage door siding, shed roofs, dormers and other elements consistent with mountain  and rustic architecture