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Suncadia Design Objectives

There are four core objectives in designing buildings to preserve and enhance Suncadia’s rich history and natural environment:

Preserve, protect and enhance the existing landscape and ecology.  Buildings are to be sited within prescribed building envelopes, surrounded by the natural or restored natural conditions.  Tree removal is to be minimized to that necessary to accommodate buildings, comply with wildfire protection and forest health measures and selectively frame views, thereby preserving the beautiful pine and fir forest that provides the landscape framework for Suncadia and the Cle Elum River corridor. Grading and drainage designs are to minimize distribution of natural landform and existing natural drainage flows and patterns.

Draw upon the traditional rustic Northwest mountain architectural vernacular characterized by the close intergration of building to their environment.  Buildings and landscape are to reflect the natural environment within which they are located. Buildings are to be designed to step with and blend into the existing topography and forest.  Structures are to utilize natural and indigenous building materials that help strengthen the connection of building to the land.  The unique land forms and vegetation patterns on each homesite are to create unique, site-specific designs that create a variety of traditional mountain homes.

Design buildings and surrounding outdoor Improvements to respond to the climate.   Building orientation, roof forms, snow management, window placement and sizes, and porch and deck locations are to respond to the local climate.  Rain/Snowfall, sun penetration and directions of prevailing breezes are all to be considered when siting building(s) and locating outdoor spaces, decks and porches.  The buildings are to respond to the follow the natural land form and large scale site regrading is to be avoided.

Maintain and enhance views of the landscape while minimizing and filtering views into private homesites.  Buildings and outdoor areas are to be sited to both preserve and take advantage of views of the landscape from the site, neighboring properties and public areas while minimizing tree removal.  Tree planting, trimming and removal are to be carefully studied to minimize and filter views from off-site and to knit the home and improvements into the landscape.