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Nordic, Snowshoe and Winter Trails

Update Grooming Report

March 18, 2019, Nordic Trails Closed for Season

2019 Winter Trails Map Link

(Prints best on 8 1/2″ x 14″ paper then folded)


Suncadia Nordic Trail Grooming Summary

Average New Snow (48 hours):

Average Snow Depth:

General Conditions:

 Area Date Groomed Conditions 
 Rope Rider Loop  3-18-2019  Closed for season
 Discovery Loop  “  “
 Ridge Loop  “  “
 Pinegrass Loop  “  “
 Home Access  “  “
 Dawson Park Loop  “  “
 Rope Rider Loop  “  “
 Nelson Farm Loop  “  “
 Eisenberg Loop  “  “
 Walking Trails  Cleared