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James Dawson


Dawson Park is named in honor of James Dawson, a land planner, architect and environmentalist who has worked in the design and conception of Suncadia continuously since 1996 when planning for the community began in earnest.  Jim’s contributions to Suncadia are immeasurable.  His ideas, integrity, and passion have been essential to the creation of this high-quality resort community which is now a source of pride for our owners, guests, and citizens of our neighboring towns and the entire state. Suncadia is grateful for all of Jim’s contributions past, present, and future.

No single person has made a more comprehensive impact to Suncadia, better understood the beauty of the place, more passionately engaged the question of what it could and should be, created more value, or made more friends.

So given his extraordinary contribution and passion, the largest of Suncadia’s park was named in honor of our friend Jim Dawson.

For over 12 years, Jim has dedicated much, if not all of his professional energy to Suncadia.  He knows our 7400 acres better than anyone and, although he carries the title of land planner and architect, he has worked on a huge variety of questions- from the grand concepts to the technical minutia.  His quiet but persistent influences and elegant thinking have either directly designed or influenced almost all of our vast cadre of consultants.  His accomplishments here are too numerous to enumerate- but just to name a few…

Land Plans- supplanting the best brand names in the industry

RIDGE- walking every inch of the development boundaries, gaining their trust

Nelson Dairy Farm- Instrumental to its acquisition

Trails- Design and staking of the entire system

We thank Jim Dawson for everything he has done for Suncadia.  He is indeed loved by our community.