Approved Plant List

Suncadia and Tumble Creek 
Approved Plant List
Updated 03/03/2019
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 Abies lasiocarpa    Alpine Fir    (Limit 3 trees per property)
 Acer circinatum    Vine Maple
 Acer glabrum    Rocky Mountain Maple
 Alnus sinuate     Alder, Sitka
 Cornus nuttali    Western Flowering Dogwood
 Larix occidentalis    Western Larch
 Pinus ponderosa    Ponderosa Pine
 Populus tremuloides    Quaking Aspen
 Sorbus sitchensis    Mountain Ash (Sitka)
 Tsuga mertensia    Mountain Hemlock
 Corylus cornuta    Hazelnut
 Crataegus douglasii    Hawthorn
 Holodiscus discolor    Ocean Spray
 Philadelphus lewisii    Mock Orange
 Physocarpus capitatus    Pacific Ninebark
 Prunus emarginata    Bittercherry
 Prunus virginiana   Common Chokecherry
 Amelanchier alnifolia    Western Serviceberry
 Cornus serica    Red Osier Dogwood
 Mahonia aquifolium    Oregon Grape, Shining
 Potentilla fruiticosa    Shrubby Cinquefoil
 Ribies sanguineum    Blood Currant
 Ribies spp    Red or Golden Currant
 Rosa gymnocarpa    Baldhip Rose
 Rosa nutkana    Nootka Rose
 Rosa woodsii    Wood Rose
 Rubus parviflorus    Thimbleberry
 Spirea betulifolia    Shiny-leaf Spirea
 Spirea douglasii    Douglas' spirea; hardhack
 Symphoricarpos albus    Common Snowberry
 Thalictrum occidentale    Western Meadowrue
 Vaccinium parvifolium    Red Huckleberry
 Apocynum androsaemifolium    Spreading Dogbane
 Arctostaphylos uva ursi    Kinnikinnick
 Asarum caudatum    Wild Ginger
 Calamagrostis rubescens    Pinegrass
 Carex geyeri    Elk Sedge
 Ceanothus prostratus    Squaw Carpet, Mahala Mat
 Clintonia uniflora    Beadily Queens Cup
 Cornus canadensis    Canadian Bunchberry (spreading)
 Eriogonum spp    Buckwheats (spreading) Several spp all OK IF native
 Erigonum umbellatum    Sulfur Buckwheat (Mat Forming)
 Festuca Idahoensis    Idaho Fescue
 Fragaria virginiana vesca    Wild Strawberry
 Fragaria spp    Woodland Strawberry
 Gymnocarpium dryopteris    Oak Fern
 Linnaea borealis    Western Twinflower
 Mahonia nervosa    Oregon Grape, Cascade
 Mahonia repens    Oregon Grape, Creeping
 Pachistima myrsinites    Oregon Boxwood (Myrtle)
 Penstemon fruticosus    Shrubby Penstemon
 Phlox difusa    Spreading Phlox
 Rubus pedatus    Strawberry Bramble
 Smilacina stellate    Starry Solomon-plune
 Streptopus rosus    Rosy Twistedstalk
 Trientalis latifolia    Broad-leaved Starflower
 Calamagrostis rubescens    Pinegrass
 Festuca idahoensis    Idaho Fescue
 Festuca rubra    Creeping Red Fescue
 Carex geyeri    Elk Sedge
 Achlys triphylla    Vanilla Leaf
 Anaphalis margaritacea    Pearly Everlasting
 Aralia nudicaulis    Wild Sarsaparilla
 Arnica cordifolia    Heartleaf Arnica
 Balsamorhiza sagittata    Arrowleaf Balsamroot
 Castilleja spp.    Indian Paintbrush
 Lathyrus spp.    Peavine
 Lonicera ciliosa    West Trumpet Honeysuckle
 Lupinus latifolius    Broadleaf Lupine
 Lupinus laxiflorus    Spurred Lupine
 Osmorhiza chilensis    Sweetroot Sweet-cicely
 Osmorhiza occidentalis    Western Sweet-cicely
 Trillium ovatum    White Trillium
 Vicia disperma    Vetch
 New Suncadia Mix    Chariot Hard Fescue 39.85%
VNS Sheep Fescue 39.10%
Canbar Canby Bluegrass 92%
 Abies grandis    Grand Fir
 Acer rubrum "Bowhall"    Bowhall Red Maple
 Calamagrostis x acutiflora    Feather Reed Grasses
 Carex o. garberi "evergold"    Gold carex
 Ceanothus velutinus    Snowbrush, Red Root (extremely flammable and attracts deer)
 Cornus alba    White Dogwood
 Echinacea purpurea    Cornflower
 Festuca glauca    Blue Fescue
 Helictotrichon sempervirens    Blue Oat Grass
 Miscanthus sinensis    Maiden Grass
 Physocarpus malvaceus    Mallow Ninebark
 Physocarpus opulifolius "diabolo"    Diabolo Ninebark
 Polystichum minitum    Western Sword fern
 POA Glauca    Glaucus Bluerass
 Populus tremoloides "erecta"    Swedish Aspen
 Prunus yedoensia 'Akebono'  Flowering Cherry
 Pyrus calleryana 'Chanticleer'  Flowering Pear
 Rudbeckia hirta    Blackeyed Susan
 Sambucus nigra    Blue Elderberry
 Salvia officinalis  Sage
 Spirea Japonica "goldflame"    Japanese Spirea
 Thuja plicata  Western Red Cedar
 Vaccinium ovatum  Evergreen Huckleberry
 Pseudotsuga manziesii   Douglas Fir -This is strongly discouraged! Please do not use this as a choice. If it is absolutely necessary, we must insist that the trees originate from local parents in Seed Zone 631, and evidence must be provided to verify this.

Suncadia’s Planting Design Objectives

--Utilize new plantings to preserve and extend the forest landscape and enhance the natural setting for your home.
--Use plants that are adapted and native to the climate, are less invasive and require less water and maintenance.
--Minimize the visibility of non native plant materials, as viewed from off site.
--Use plants to frame outdoor spaces, lessen the impact of new structures, enhance privacy and screen use areas.

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